Abbreviate year that is returned using formula (to obtain fiscal year quarter)

Happy new year Smartsheet crew!

I'm returning the quarter of my end date using this formula:

=IF(MONTH([End Date]@row) <= 3, "Q4", IF(MONTH([End Date]@row) <= 6, "Q1", IF(MONTH([End Date]@row) <= 9, "Q2", "Q3")))

And the Fiscal Year using this:

=IF(MONTH([End Date]@row) > 3, YEAR([End Date]@row) + 1, YEAR([End Date]@row))

However, it returns the full year - eg "2025"

I want to end up with a third column joining them to end up with "Q1 FY25" - so how do I turn that "2025" into just "25"?



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