Enterprise master contact list for organization - is there a way to access this for Contact fields?

We have the Enterprise account and it appears that there is already a master list of contacts for the entire organization. I assume this because when I start typing in a name to share a workspace, it will automatically populate (for the most part). What master list is this pulling from and how do I access it to populate Contact Fields in sheets? Working with over 50 sites with different contacts, trying to manually enter the contacts for each sheet's Contact Field is looking like an incredibly daunting task. Any ideas?


  • edapel
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    There are two areas for entering users. You can enter them from the user management in the admin center, and if you have a large amount to enter you could use the import.

    The other way is actually per a per user function. You can go to the account (little person Icon) on the left nav bar, then go to My Smartsheet contacts. Here you can add or even import contacts for your personal sheets. The issue I have seen using this one is if you put in a person's name as CSmith and the admin enters Christine Smith, you now have two of the same person that could be entered into an assignee column.

    Hope this helps!

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