Automation workflow issue

ossalcido ✭✭
edited 01/08/24 in Smartsheet Basics

I have an active defect sheet. I have a second sheet where closed IT tickets get archived.

The first automation is Archive when Closed. Trigger:

When rows are changed AND when 'Ticket Stage' changes to 'CLOSED' Actions: Move a row.

However, I am trying to add a second automation. Showstopper closed.

I did the following which did not work: Trigger:

When rows are changed AND when 'System Ticket Status' changes to 'Closed'. Actions: Alert someone

Recipients: XYZ

Please advise what I did wrong.


  • nTact_Andrew

    Are these two "Stage" and "Status" fields independent, to where the status will change to Closed before the Stage changes to close?

    If not, I would suggest combining the two workflows, or moving the notification workflow to the archive sheet. Otherwise, the user will be notified the row has been closed but when they visit the sheet it will no longer even be there.

  • ossalcido

    yes, the two fields are independent.

  • Toufong Vang
    Toufong Vang ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 01/09/24

    @ossalcido If your process is to move the row to the archive sheet and send an alert that the row is closed, then you have two options.

    Option 1: In the active defect sheet, configure your first action to send the alert and then a second action to move the row to the archive sheet.

    Option 2: In the archive sheet, configure a workflow automation to send the alert when a new row is added.