Help With Auto setting Fiscal Year based on Order Date

Good morning,

I seem to be having trouble with setting my Fiscal Year on a sheet. It was working but stopped. This is what I am working with:

I am importing a CSV file using Data Shuttle to import SKU information into an Import Result sheet.

I am attempting to set a column up to display the Fiscal Year based on the date Order Date that is imported.

The format of the order date as imported is: YYYY-MM-DD 00:00:00.

My current formula to figure out the FY is: =IF([Order Date]@row < DATE(2023, 5, 23), "2023", "2024"). - I get an #Invalid Operation Error.

I thought maybe the 00:00:00 was giving me the problem, so I created a new column and named it: Clean Order Date and used the following formula to remove the 00:00:00 from the date: =SUBSTITUTE([Order Date]@row, "00:00:00", "")

This resulted in an order date formatted like: YYYY-10-13. Unfortunately I still get an Invalid Operation error.

Any Guidance is greatly appreciated.



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