How to create a formula to count # of values in a multi-value cell + other criteria using COUNTIFS?

Hello, I'm trying to count a value from a multi-value cell considering more than one criteria located in other columns.

I'm trying using this formula: =COUNTIFS([LSP Name]:[LSP Name], CONTAINS("CNWQ", @cell), Active:Active, CONTAINS("Active", @cell), Function:Function, CONTAINS("MULTIPLE", @cell)) but is not working. Is not returning an error, but is not counting.


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  • AravindGP
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    Hi @PauSanHPE

    Count ifs will return a result only if all the criteria you've in the formula is met. It is similar to AND. Does the LSP Name column contain the value CNWQ in at least one cell? If not, try adding it and you will get a result.



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