How to get result from a child workflow back to the parent workflow?

Hi all,

I have a parent workflow which calls child workflow with state name "get_workspace_id".

Inside the child workflow I do some data processing and eventually I want to pass the result of Javascript back into the parent workflow. The data reference of the result is: {{states.state_in_child.javascript.run_script.result}}

In the parent workflow I put at the very end "Compose Text" action to check if I get the result that I want back to parent workflow. I put following here, but I always get the actual string itself. What am I missing here? FYI, it is confirmed that child workflow runs properly with the expected result.

Thanks all, cheers!

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    Hi @Genevieve P. ,

    thank you for the answer, I did check your discussion in another post closely and apparently I need to remove the number of runs. Previously I set it to 1 and therefore it isn't able to get the correct value.

    Thank you! :)