Possible malware?

This is a real longshot but I thought I would ask. If there's a better Smartsheet forum to post on, please let me know.

Background: I just started using Smartsheet yesterday. I am using one of the project management templates. To ensure that people outside my organization could view files, I shared access to my non-organization e-mail address to check that.

Shortly after, I seem to have developed a malware issue on my Mac. In short, hitting the space bar in the Finder to preview a file triggers something that changes file names and navigates in the Finder.

Here's the reason I'm asking in this forum: the overwrites the malware is performing on my file name seems to be using the text from the Smartsheet invitation. It's not in my immediate clipboard buffer, so I'm wondering why it's doing that.

Again, I'm 99 percent sure this has nothing to do with Smartsheet, but thought I would inquire if anyone else has seen this issue.

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  • kongjie
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    Just to wrap this up, I've confirmed the issue had nothing to do with smartsheet. It was just coincidental that the text that was grabbed had to do with smartsheet. Issue resolved.