Experience with DDUpdate?

I have been playing around with DDUpdate over the past few weeks. It has been working well until today, where all my mappings are now inactive. Fortunately, none of the mappings are in production sheets.

For all you DDUpdate subscribers out there, how has your experience been? How is the support? Reliability? I logged a support ticket about the inactive mappings early this morning and have not heard from anyone after several hours. I am hesitant to use an external resource if the product or support is unreliable. Your take?


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  • Steve Rohrdanz
    Steve Rohrdanz ✭✭✭
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    I received a reply from [email protected] stating the issue is a Smartsheet API issue and they are working with Smartsheet on this. The response came four days after the support ticket was created, which is too long. This issue still remains, as I have a simple mapping that is inactive. I canceled the subscription with DDUpdate.