IF Statement that returns two values from two different columns

Good Morning Smartsheet Community,

Currently working on a formula that will take the information from "15 single select columns" and condense this information into a single text column. I am trying to reproduce the column titles in my new column as text within the cells.

Previous columns had a single selection for "1" if the issue was present, it would be left blank if no issue was present.

Current formula only produces the first value it finds and does not produce the second value if multiple columns were selected. Not sure how to get it to produce all the values that are present within the row.

Formula: =IF([Pass/Fail]@row = "Passed", " ", IF([Writing on Unit]@row = "1", "Writing on Unit", IF([Missing Parts]@row = "1", "Missing Parts", IF([Sharp Edges]@row = "1", "Sharp Edges", IF([Metal Finish]@row = "1", "Metal Finish", IF([Workmanship Quality]@row = "1", "Workmanship Quality", IF([Back Splash not at 90]@row = "1", "Back Splash not at 90", IF([Front Roll not Straight]@row = "1", "Front Roll not Straight", IF([Material Defects]@row = "1", "Material Defects", IF([Welding Issues]@row = "1", "Welding Issues", IF([Incorrect Parts]@row = "1", "Incorrect Parts", IF(Fitment@row = "1", "Fitment", IF([BOM Error]@row = "1", "BOM Error", IF([Dimensional Accuracy]@row = "1", "Dimensional Accuracy", IF([Engineering Issues]@row = "1", "Engineering Issues", IF([SpecFab Issues]@row = "1", "SpecFab Issues"))))))))))))))))

This formula only displays the first "Writing on Unit" it finds, rather than both a "Writing on Unit" and "Missing Parts" if both are present.

Thank you in advance for any help you could provide!


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