Creating a formula to calculate percent from the parent rows

I am trying to create a formula for a cell where it collects the percentage of all the % values in the parent rows below it. Not only the current parent rows, but also any new ones that are added. The parent rows are currently averaging the percent in the sub rows below it. In this case, I want the total percent to be in the purple row. Thank you!



  • juliesilverio
    juliesilverio ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Alicia,

    I believe this is the formula you will want to paste into the purple row:


    This will tell Smartsheet you'd like the average percentage of all existing and new child rows in your hierarchy.

    Here is a quick example I put together showing this formula:

    The top image displays the formula in the cell and the bottom image shows the calculation by the formula. Hopefully that helps!

    Julie Silverio, PMP

    Senior Manager, Program Leadership

    Xencor Inc.

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