For automated Update Requests, is it possible to make a field required before submission?


I have created an automated update request that requires the recipient to check a few fields and submit their "findings" via an attachment. I am finding that there's a loophole in this, recipients are able to close out their links and submit (checking off some fields) but not uploading the required document that is needed. Is there a way we can make any field a "required" field (similar to how we can do this on forms) with automated update requests?

I have a total of 77 recipients, in which on a monthly basis, they receive a report from me that requires them to submit their feedback. I have made a note on the request that they are required to upload their findings, but this is not enough. I have to go back and re-send them a link each time they skip adding their attachment with their findings. You can imagine how in-efficient it is to do this 77 times every single month.

If there is no current way to do this, can we submit this as an idea for an upgrade to the existing system please?

Thank you.