Count unique cities depending on project status (2 different sheets)


Hi everyone,

I have 2 different sheets. Sheet A has Project number/name and Status. Sheet B has Project number/name and cities (notice Sheet B has more rows because a project can have more than one city associated).

Sheet A:

Sheet B:

In a third sheet I need to count the unique cities for an specific Project Status. So for example:

*Nb of cities in "In Progress" Projects should be: 5 different cities (A, B, C, D, E). C is repeated in both projects.

*Nb of cities in "Not Started" Projects should be: 4 different cities (B, D, A, C).

I can´t add a new "Status" column in Sheet B. So I was trying with the COUNT(DISTINCT(COLLECT but I keep only getting a 1 result. And also tried adding IFs and INDEX but can´t make it work.

Thanks in advance, greetings!


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