SUMIF Formula for Multiple Criteria from Multiple Sheets

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I want a tally of the results in {Master-# of Assets} and {VisionHub- # of Assets} from two different sheets (that are almost identical in columns)

I want a formula that will give me this tally across both sheets with the condition that the Team Managing is in the Primary Column and the FY is in the [Primary Column]$2 cell.

=SUMIFS({Master-# of Assets}, {MASTER-Team Managing}, [Primary Column]@row, {Master- FY}, ([Primary Column]$2) + SUMIFS({VisionHub-# of Assets}, {VisionHub-Team Managing}, [Primary Column]@row, {VisionHub-FY}, ([Primary Column]$2)))

Current formula is returning “0” in all rows even though this is incorrect. When I take out the FY reference (so 2nd criteria) then it has the correct results but isn’t sorting by FY.

Any suggestions on why this isn’t working?


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