Week over Week (or MoM) Automated Results

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This time I have a question about semi-automated WoW (week-over-week) calculation for specific performance metrics.

Thats how it looks as for now:

In WoW for SLA I have:

=IFERROR(([W03]@row - [W02]@row) * 10000, "")

below I have also formula for % change:

=IFERROR(([W03]@row - [W02]@row) / [W02]@row, "")

Considering that year has 52/53 weeks, every week person maintaining the report (all done automatically via data shuttle), would need to move the scope of formula, see:

I was thinking about using parent row to change weeks in scope:

These numerals to be a trigger for changes in formulas below.

I was trying to use INDEX(MATCH but without success, another option (pretty savage) would be 52x IF formulas:

=IF(Target3 = "2", [W02]@row) etc.

Obviously it is possible, but I would like to ask you about any other simplet solution that could solve my issue.

Please feel free to reach out in case of any questions,





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