Consolidated To-Do List?

I have tasks on multiple sheets that are owned/created/managed by multiple people (including myself). It is becoming a bit cumbersome trying to manage where I should be updating what.

So what I'm looking to do is have a singular sheet/report/dashboard that I can pull ALL of the tasks that have me as the Assigned To/Owner. From that, I want to be able to set up notifications, be able to update those statuses and also add my own "other" to-do's.

I have started this a couple different ways, but can't seem to get the full picture of what I'm wanting.

  1. I have tried building separate reports that all live on a dashboard - but that doesn't allow me to update the line items from there. I would still have to click on each report to update, and there's no way for me to set up notifications on the reports
  2. I also just built a singular report that is looking at all the different sheets, which seemed to get me closer. I can update everything here, BUT I cannot set up notifications nor can I add line items unless I just create another separate sheet that pulls into this report

Has anyone done this before and found a nice, smooth way to accomplish what I'm trying to do? Or does anyone have suggestions on a better way to manage tasks that live in multiple sheets besides just setting up multiple notifications on each sheet?


  • KPH
    KPH ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I don't have an answer to all your questions but do have one tip regarding sending the same notification from multiple sheets.

    I set the automation on the sheet to copy a row to another sheet (and not send a notification) when triggered. I have that second sheet send the notifications (when row added). This way, if you need to change the message text, recipients, etc. you don't have to do so in multiple sheets, just in the one that sends the notification.