Do you know the Brand Collective Podcast? 🎧✨

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Hey Brandfolder Community,

We have something really special to share with all the marketers here - The Brand Collective Podcast by Brandfolder. Read on to find out more, and don’t miss the episode recaps, right here in the Brandfolder topic. 🤩

The Podcast

The Brand Collective Podcast by Brandfolder, is a place to explore and uncover what happens behind the scenes of some of the world's most interesting brands. With marketers’ minds and creatives’ hearts, they are a team that’s passionate about finding—and sharing—brand recipes that strike the perfect balance between creativity and effectiveness.

Start Listening

The episodes are full of fantastic insights, and a wide variety of experiences and marketing philosophies. Here are a few that we love to get you started.

First episode - Got 5 minutes? Listen to the teaser, and get to know the hosts.

Bob Bejan - Learn about Bob’s multifaceted career - from the Ninja Turtles to Microsoft. Listen for his advice on “being human first” at work, allowing your greatness to shine regardless of mistakes, and more.

Zaria Parvez - We have a whole lot to learn from Gen Z – and Zaria is a quintessential example of that. Take a listen for her thoughts on TikTok success, representation and diversity in advertising, and more.

Share your favorite nuggets of wisdom from these, or other episodes in the comments below. 

Happy listening!