Help on formula countifs with contains referencing another smartsheet

I have tried this formula numerous ways this morning and I am clearly not formatting this correctly and could use your help.

I am trying to create a formula in a sheet that is gathering counts from 2 other sheets. Eventually I will need to add in some other criteria but I am having trouble getting the syntax correct for a simple countifs with a contains statement.

I am looking for text in a multi select drop down column that I have create a reference for.

Here is the base formula I am trying to get right before adding in other criteria. Once I get the entire Countifs to work I will copy the formula adding a +countifs that references the second smartsheet. I hope that makes sense.

Here's the formula that I have tried in numerous ways this morning:

=COUNTIFS({M2School}, CONTAINS("Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts"))

Returns Incorrect argument

I am using contains because the School column in the sheets might have Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts and another School.

If you could help with this syntax then I think I can add the additional criteria.


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