Sequence numbering based on another Cells info.

I'm looking for a formula to sequence document numbers based on another cells info. I've set up IF functions to code each main column (in blue) which will be hidden in the background & locked to which i then used a JOIN function to get a serial code. (shown in "document Code").

With those in place, On "Document No." Column - I'm looking for a formula to create sequences numbers based on the Document Code Column. As i have multiple RA-LOGIH. I want this to be RA-LOGIH001 & the one below LOGIH002 not broken down in sequence due to each row as shown on "Document No." (if this makes sense).

I've created on the sheet in Orange - What i want.

So the user only needs to select "Document Type" -> "Department" -> "Dept. Coverage" & this will automate a Document number based on previous entries.


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