Same Level Multiple Approvals and Multiple Criteria

mhogue ✭✭
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We have a Smartsheet that tracks employee changes and routes for approvals through three (3) different approver types; however, I am looking to only display the information that is changing.

For example: An employee out of location 1 needs a title change and a department change approved through approver 1, approver 2, and approver 3.

(Disclaimer, not all approvers have Smartsheet licenses, so communications need to be done through approval email notifications)

I would like the approval request to only display the "going from" current title and department and the "going to" title and department.

I read on a previous post that would consist of establishing different condition paths; however, the problem is there has to be different approval columns for each condition path.

On the request form there are six (6) different fields that can be updated/requested to change, resulting in twenty-one (21) possible condition paths.

We also have three (3) different approver 1 individuals based on another field (location). Additionally, we have two (2) different workflows contingent on if there is a compensation change involved.

Attached is a screenshot of the current non-compensation related workflow and how I am hoping the approvals will look without creating one hundred twenty six (126) workflows, because that seems EXCESSIVE!

Smartsheet 1 is the goal, Smartsheet 2 is not.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @mhogue

    It's a little difficult to know how to help without seeing your full sheet and understanding your process. Are the changes being submitted through a form, and are all the fields that aren't changing blank?

    If so, you could use a formula to JOIN together the 6 possible "going to" changes in one column and the 6 possible "going from" changes in another column, then display the helper columns in the Approve email.

    This means you can select the same columns for every workflow, and only need to set up conditions if you're routing it to different people based on the location.