Notification when a Update Request was submitted or Manual Workaround

I have created an automated workflow that sends an update request to contacts in another column. In some cases there are multiple contacts who will each receive the update request. My understanding is there currently isn't a way to send a notification if a request is submitted. Hoping the create a workaround that can be used to trigger an alert. Hoping someone can help provide some ideas for the following.

  1. Any time there is a change to the information is a range of columns, trigger a notification to a contact in another column of the sheet.
  2. In cases where responses are provided by multiple people, capture the name of each user who responded.

Any tips are appreciated! Thanks!


  • MichaelTCA
    MichaelTCA ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 02/08/24

    Hello @MicheleZ

    You are correct, there is no option to send an automation when an update request is finished. BUT, you can add a helper column and there are multiple ways to do it.

    I prefer to use a helper column. If a cell is filled with "something" then the helper column is 1, else 0.

    Condition the automation to run when that value changes to 1.

    To get multiple responses within the same cell is a whole different ball game.

    I think you would need a sheet for each person receiving the update requests or 1 sheet with multiple columns and each updates their individual columns. Then in the sheet you are maintaining and reporting the information from, you can add a JOIN/COLLECT function with wrap text on the same column and you will be able to merge all the responses into 1 cell. The delimiter would have to be CHAR(10).

    Update requests only change values within a cell. If multiple people receive the same update request for the same cells, they will be overwriting what each person had submitted.

    So to reach your entire goal, the simple answer would be to make separate sheets or separate columns for each individual receiving the response and set up a function on your log that combines it.