Update Form collected data in the Form view


I have built a form to gather technical information about a customer's environment. Sometimes the information needs to be updated after the fact.

The column names on my sheet are shorthand and then I've spent time elaborating on the form with descriptions, labels, and helper text.

I've come across posts suggesting: 1. using the update request option but then the users miss out on the extra context in the form and only have the shorthand column names, 2. building a custom url but my form has way too many fields for this to be feasible, 3. using a fillable PDF with generate document which seems viable but then I'd have to build the form again.

When you right click on a row, there is an option to "view row in card view" and I wish there was a option that said "view row in FORM view" where you could basically make edits from there. Is there some feature that I'm missing that would accomplish the same thing?

Is there some other solution?


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