Project Assignment Creates Template

Steven R.
Steven R.
edited 01/30/24 in Smartsheet Basics

First, some background:

Our project management office uses a master project sheet that lists all ongoing projects within our organization with included details such as baseline target dates and assigned project manager. We're currently investigating ways to automate a lot of the workflows in this master sheet. We have recently created a form to go along with the sheet that simplifies the process of adding new projects. The form allows anyone in the organization to fill in some data when requesting a project manager assignment for an upcoming project. Submitting the form then adds a new row to our master sheet, however the "Assigned Resource" column remains blank until the project is accepted and a project manager gets assigned. An administrator goes into the sheet and manually fills in the assigned resource once the project is approved.

The goal:

When reviewing this new row (new project request), is there a way to automate the creation of a workspace and/or template based on either a)the project manager assigned or b)the type of project or c) any other suggestions are welcome.