Best template for large quantity of informational requests

New to Smartsheet-- at this point, I've basically just been using it as an Excel replacement with file upload. I want to experiment with the app capabilities with a new big project I've been working on... Tried to find a template that fits my needs, but no luck.

What I'm looking for:

  • This project includes sending hundreds of requests for information to other departments to verify for external regulators. Some information may come from one department, and then needs to be verified by another. Ideally, I'd like something with a visual component where I can easily look at a department and see each request currently with that department.

Any suggestions for templates I can modify to fit this? Most seem to separate into "In Progress" and "Complete", but that's not the main organization I think would be most helpful-- all of this information is due at once, so it won't be an on-going Smartsheet once completed.



  • MichaelTCA
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    Hello @cvrcci

    That is quite a project!

    To keep it clean, I recommend having 2 logs. 1 for In Progress type data and the other for Completed data using a move row automation.

    I have an update request automation that runs like an approval. All that happens is the recipients have to review the changes being made and then check the box if they approve. I have another helper column that analyzes the progress. File paths and hyperlinks also work when selecting the links in Outlook, but will not work if you try opening the links within the browser (If you use these, I recommend putting them in the message and not another cell, unless you want the cell to be changed to a different file path or hyperlink.

    If person 1 checks the box, send automation to person 2. If person 2 checks the box, send automation to department X, and so on. The conditions within the automation will be the key and helper columns that has a function to analyze other columns.

    I'll assume that when everything gets approved, the status will change to complete.

    The helper columns can look at person1, person 2, and department X. Use an IF function like, IF(AND(PERSON1=TRUE,PERSON2=TRUE,DEPARTMENTX=TRUE),1,0)

    In a Boolean column. 1 and TRUE are the same thing. 0 and FALSE are also the same thing. I like to use them interchangeably, but I only use each option in either the condition or the return values, not both.

    When the helper column changes to 1, the move row automation is triggered and then the data is "Archived".