Can a large number of users add new rows to the same sheet simultaneously?

Hi community,

I am using a sheet where a large number of people is asked to regularly add rows with data. My question is if there is any risk that if the group gets larger and larger, the rows that they are adding (maybe at the same time) and hitting save in different moments, that some rows might not get saved because they overwrite each other?

I was thinking about using forms but it is much easier for the users to add the rows directly because they usually add a lot of rows with similar data and forms would slow them down.

Thanks a lot in advance!



  • CodyRussell
    CodyRussell ✭✭✭

    I haven't tested this with a large number of people to confirm it, but I don't think it would interrupt with each the users pool with each save. The grid will typically give you a prompt indicating that you need to refresh your grid as a data source or person has made updates.

    You could also consider multiple grids feeding into a report, instead of intake forms.