Multiple Dashboards with Reports - Easy Addition Methods


I've inherited around 80 Projects that each have 26 screens (Sheets Reports, and Dashboards). These cover 5 IT teams and 6 Business Units.

I've created Dashboards for several key stakeholders, which all feed from one Master Report, but then have Sorts and Filters applied to feed into the respective Dashboards.

What I'm looking for is a simpler way to add new projects to these reports rather than adding a specific sheet to each report. I created a new Project yesterday and had 66 (yes, sixty-six) distinct reports that I needed to add the new project to.

The only way in which to accomplish this that I am aware of is accessing each individual Report, clicking on 'Source Sheet', and then navigating through the Folder structure to select the new sheet.

I've seen mention of a possibility of selecting a whole Workspace to feed into a Report, but as my target Source Sheet is itself 4 Folder levels inside a workspace, with only the title to signify which sheet I need to add as a Source.

Is there a simpler, less time-consuming way of doing this?

Currently on a Business Plan.

Many thanks.