Counting a Column with filled data

Hello Everyone!

I am looking to edit a formula I am working on to count every cell in a column that has data filled from a drop down. This is the formula I have currently. It is looking for data in the first column that contains "CC:" but I am trying to figure out the second half that counts the amount of cells in another column that is filled from the drop down.

=COUNTIFS({2024 Documentation & Projects Range 4}, FIND("CC:", @cell) > 0, {2024 Documentation & Projects Range 5},

I have attached a screenshot below. Range 4 is my "Task Name" column and the column I am trying to count is the "Task" Column.

Any help is appreciated!



  • brianschmidt
    brianschmidt ✭✭✭✭✭

    I would try the following:

    =COUNTIFS({2024 Documentation & Projects Range 4}, CONTAINS("CC:", @cell), {2024 Documentation & Projects Range 5}, NOT(ISBLANK(@cell)))

    This should count the number of rows that have both "CC:" in Range 4 and are not blank in the Range 5 column.

    Hope this helps!:)

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