Can the Yearday function be used to identify all day numbers for a range of numbers?



My primary challenge is that I'm trying to use legacy Smartsheet functionality in place of Smartsheets Resource Management functionality.

So, I have a project plan created in Smartsheet and I am trying to evenly distribute the Hours per task across the Duration (start and finish dates), because I want to create a graph that will help to show me if any of the project resources are overallocated (i.e. if they are assigned tasks that sum up to more than 8 hours /day)

I know the hours per day that each task will take, but I do not know how to assign those hours to each day in the range of the start to finish dates.

The DAY(s) column is where I have the YEARDAY formual right now, =YEARDAY(Finish@row) right now it is only telling me what day the task ends on. Is is possible for the column to be populated with the number of every day in the range?

I was thinking then I can use a pivot table to sum up how many hours are assigned to team member for each day of the year and a graph would give me a nice visual of how many hours are assigned to each individual by day.




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