Can I use a COUNTIFS formula based on the date a cell was populated?


Can I use a COUNTIFS formula based on the date I added a value to a cell? The information within the cell will not be a date.

I have a Smartsheet with a list of project ideas. Once it's added to our project management tool, it gets a number (ex: 123456). I have a column for "Project Number". I would like to add a line to the sheet summary that says "this month, we added ___ project's to our project management tool".

Is it possible to pick up the date that something was entered into the cell, or do I need to have 2 columns: one for "Project Number" and one for "Date Added to Project Management Tool"? (So then I would do a countif for the date column related to my today month column.



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    You need two columns and a COUNTIFS. There is a system field that records the date a row was added to the sheet. Could you use this instead of entering the date? You can find it towards the bottom of the list of column formats.

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