How do I count the number within a range of days

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I am trying to track a hotel list and find out how many people need hotel rooms on each day over a two month period. I have the travel days. How would I easily pull a report of that?


19th - 1

20th - 2

21st - 2

22nd - 1



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    You could use a COUNTIFS function with your two criteria as on or after the arrival date and before or on the departure date. The formula would look something like this:

    =COUNTIFS([Arrival]:[Arrival], >=DATE(2024, 01, 01), [Departure]:[Departure], <=DATE(2024, 01, 31))

    You can enter the dates into the formula as above, or reference a cell that holds the date.

    =COUNTIFS([Arrival]:[Arrival], >=Arrival@row, [Departure]:[Departure], <=Departure@row)


    =COUNTIFS([Arrival]:[Arrival], >=Arrival1, [Departure]:[Departure], <=Departure1)

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