Formula error

Leighmercado ✭✭
edited 02/19/24 in Formulas and Functions

what is wrong with my formula? I've tried different variation but always getting #Unparseable error

=IF(P2F_status_1Q2024 Range 1 = "Promo", P2F_status_1Q2024 Range 4)

=IF('P2F_status_1Q2024 Range 1' = "Promo", 'P2F_status_1Q2024', Range 4)

=IF('P2F_status_1Q2024 Range 1' = "Promo", 'P2F_status_1Q2024' Range 4," ")

What i need is if range 1 is marked as "Promo" the cell will return the value in Range 4


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