Sequential numbering not working (Project with WBS sheet)

Hi All,

I am fairly new to Smartsheets, so please be kind :)

I am creating a WBS with the Template the Smartsheets provides (Project with WBS sheet), but I am noticing that when I add new tasks between other already created tasks, the numbering goes all wrong. Also, Even if I add more tasks underneath, the numbering is not consecutive. I notice in the rows that have the issue "RowID" is not populating or auto-populating

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Picture attached.

Thank you


  • Julie Fortney
    Julie Fortney Overachievers

    Hi! No worries, this is a nice Community. :)

    Did you hit save? The Row ID won't record until you do.

    If you did hit save and the Row ID still isn't populating, try double clicking on the Row ID column title to confirm it is still set up as an auto number column. If not, perhaps it was accidentally changed.

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