Status Formula

I keep getting an error stating circular reference and I don't understand why.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

If Employee Separation Date is in the future change [Status] “HOLD Pending Separation Date"

If the Employee Separation Date is NOT in the future AND “All HR Tasks” is NOT CHECKED change, “PERS Packet Received from Employee” is NOT BLANK and “Completed Packet Sent to PERS” is Blank change [Status] to “Pending HR Action”

If “All HR Tasks Complete” AND “All Support Tasks Complete” change [Status] to “Complete"

Here is my formula: =IF([Employee Separation Date]@row > TODAY(), "HOLD Pending Separation Date", IF(AND([All HR Tasks Complete]@row = 0, [PERS Packet Received from Employee]@row <> "", [Completed Packet Sent to PERS]@row = ""), "Pending HR Action", IF(AND([All HR Tasks Complete]@row = 1, [All Support Tasks Complete]@row = 1), "Complete", Status@row)))

Can someone please help?


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