How do I format the body of the email notification?


I have two main Smartsheets that send out notifications. Someone else set up the first one and when notifications go out, the fields selected to be in the email are shown in a vertical column.

I created the second Smartsheet and notifications and the fields I have selected show up in a horizontal line. It doesn't matter how many fields are selected in either....the first are always vertical and the second are always horizontal.

I asked the person who set up the first how she made it display vertically and she has no clue....she didn't do anything special. I can find nothing to help me with this and it is quite distracting as I'd like more information in my second Smartsheet notifications but you have to scroll, scroll, scroll to the right to see it all whereas most often the vertical fields will display in the preview pane.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • MariaCurtis
    MariaCurtis ✭✭✭✭✭

    Unfortunately, you can't format emails yet. I'm unclear about the scenario you're describing though. Can you share a screenshot (blurring anything that can't be shown) of the two examples of how you want it to look and what it looks like when you send?

    Also, there's an idea out there someone created about having the ability to format emails! I'll link that below in case you want to vote on it!

  • Laurie C

    Sure! Here is an example of the email notification from my second Smartsheet. As you see, in the preview pain, the last column is cut off and there are more fields I have to scroll right to see.

    This is an example of the Smartsheet notification set up by the other person

    What decides whether the fields are displayed vertically or horizontally. It does not matter the number of fields. If there are only 3 fields on the New Customer Setup will still be vertical. If the first one above has 15 fields, it will still display horizontally.