Need help with cross sheet SUMIFS syntax

I have one sheet that is a master inventory sheet, and another with a bunch of formulas pulling data so I can build a report. I have been trying to specifically set up a formula that sums up all cells in the "Stock" column, only if it matches a specific keyword in the "Location" column. I have cross sheet references set up for both columns, but have been unable to get it working as it always returns #incorrect argument set

I have gotten the formula to work fine on the master sheet but am having trouble with syntax.

This is what works on the master sheet:

=SUMIFS(Stock:Stock, Location:Location, "Storage")

This is what doesn't work on the data sheet:

=SUMIFS({Total}, {Location}, "Storage")



  • heyjay
    heyjay ✭✭✭✭✭

    Please double check that the {Total} and {Location} is referecing the column Stock:Stock and Location:Location respectively. Your formula looks OK, but the references might not be.


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