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Dakota Haeffner
Dakota Haeffner ✭✭✭✭✭
edited 02/19/24 in Formulas and Functions

I want my formula to look at the child count column and if it is great than one to run a sum of the children rows and if it has 0 children to run a lookup SUMIFS formula:

I was hoping it would work like this but I keep getting errors.

=IF([Children Count]@row > 0, SUM(Children()), SUMIFS({Curo.Points}, {Curo.Category}, "GENERATING DENIAL LETTER", {Curo.User ID}, LEFT([User ID]@row, FIND("-", [User ID]@row) - 1), {Curo.Week#}, [Week Number]@row) + SUMIFS({CCA.Total}, {CCA.Category}, "GENERATING DENIAL LETTER", {CCA.User ID}, RIGHT([User ID]@row, LEN([User ID]@row) - FIND("-", [User ID]@row)), {CCA.Week#}, [Week Number]@row)

For some reason when I use this formula it's acting like the row is 0 even though its 14 and skipping to the false part of the IF statement.

Any guesses



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