can you build a formula to separate longitude and latitude after it was hyperlinked

So I have a sheet where the GPS coordinates are hyperlinked into a column with the use of a form. I would also like to have the longitude and latitude separated into their own columns for exporting to excel reasons. Is there a way to build a formula to separate the longitude and latitude that is being uploaded as a hyperlink from the form

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  • JamesB
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    @jbrown01 It can be done. I based the screenshot below on a google maps URL. You would need to determine your delimeters to get the start and stop of your LAT and LONG coordinates, and may have to break it a couple of times. The @ symbol occurring in the demonstrated URL made it very easy to determine the beginning, you could then reparse the result from the first formula using the comma.

  • jbrown01
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    Thank you appreciate the feedback

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