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I have the total number of parts I need to produce and one for how many parts I have completed. Why can't I have a formula that will update my %Complete column and have it reflected on my Gantt chart? This seems like this should be something that we are able to do but for some reason, Smarsheet doesn't allow formulas for the %Complete column that is linked to the Gantt chart.

Is there a workaround? Ultimately, I want to look at the total number of parts I need to produce and see my progress with a set end date.


  • Jaime Ciabattoni
    Jaime Ciabattoni ✭✭✭✭✭


    Do you have a column that says how many parts you have and does that get updated regularly throughout the process? If so, I'm thinking you could probably create a formula that says something to the effect of...IF Parts < 10, % Complete = X...etc.

    I'd have to play with it to get it to work but you may also be able to find another example on Community.


  • Heald33
    Heald33 ✭✭

    I understand what you are saying, and I have tried to do that. The issue I'm having is that I cannot add formulas to the Complete column. It seems to be a manual entry only thing.

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