What formula to use to create bar chart with percentages instead of numbers

Hi All

Could you please advice what formula to use in metrics sheet to convert numeric data into %. Based on this calculation I would like to create a bar chart that shows what % of all projects completed were affected by some issues at particular stages of project execution. Please see the example. At this moment we have 2 project completed.

What formula should I sue to recalculate numbers in Column2 into %?

Where should I do this calculation? E.g. in Column3?

Any of your suggestions are much appreciated!




  • Marcus_Keller
    Marcus_Keller ✭✭
    edited 02/21/24

    To convert numeric data into percentages in Column3, use the formula: =(Column2/TotalProjects)*100. This calculates the percentage of projects affected at each stage. For a bar chart, select the range in Column3 and create the chart.

    Example: =(B2/TotalProjects)*100 in C2, drag down to apply.

    Click here for more details on creating effective project impact visuals.

  • Izabela Berlinska
    edited 02/22/24

    Hello Marcus,

    Unfortunately it does not solve my problem. As a result of this calculation I still have numbers instead of % and when I try to create bar chart, it shows numbers not % in addition without labels on vertical axis. Please see below the results

  • What I did instead, I calculated =Column2/TotalProjects, highlight result and then click on "%" option available when you click on three dots visible on right side in metric sheet.This % option changed calculation into %

    Thanks to that the created graph shows % instead of numbers :)

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