Conditional Formatting - If date entered is prior to another date

I'm looking for a way to set conditional formatting to a date field on our Smartsheet. Currently we capture "Date Submit Legal" and "Date Legal Approved". I would like to find a way to change the font to red if the approved date is prior to the submit date. Since this is a manual field we are finding on occasion the date is entered incorrectly and then our metric numbers are off because we can't calculate the time a contract is with legal. Please help me with a formula that would achieve this goal. Thank you in advance for any assistance!

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    @SDEMICCO4 You will need a Helper column that you can reference in the conditional formatting block. In the helper column use the following formula.

    If([Approved Date]@row<[Submit Date]@row,1,0)

    Then in conditional formatting, when the helper cell is 1, you can have it apply formatting to other cells in that row.


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