Add information to smartsheet after user has entered data



See Smart1.jpg attachment. We have a Smartsheet with different columns to add change request information.

Usually all columns can be filled at any time but on the change details column the change # only can be added when the user has created the CR in snow. This would make the user go into this sheet twice.

First time: Fill out details except CR #

Second time: Once CR # is received then go into sheet and add the CR number under the Change details column.

People might forget to add the CR # as you know as they have already gone the first time to add all details about the CR except the CR # as they might not have it as the CR is not yet created and generated the #. We do have a form created (Smart2.jpg attachment) that we send out so that users can enter the complete change details without going into the form.

Is there an efficient and "smart" way to have the user fill out the Change Request # under the CAHNGE details column once they have the CR # ? (AFter they have added all details about the change request, except the CR #)

  • One option is obviously for the user to go into the smartsheet and do the update there. (They have to remeber to go to the smartsheet and add the CR # on Change details column)
  • What about via the form? Is it possible?
  • Any other way you can think of?



  • JamesB
    JamesB ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    If you create a reference that can be used on your Primary sheet and in your form you can create a cross-reference formula.

    I.e. Main Sheet = Request Number=ABC123

    Then on your form you would ask, what Request Number is this change associated to?

    Then on your main sheet, you would use a index/Match formula to look at your form sheet for the request number and return the Change number that is generated.

    For Ease, on your form sheet, make sure your Request Reference Column and your Change # column are next to each other. Request 1st and Change 2nd.

    =INDEX(MATCH([Request Number]@row,{Form Reference Column}),1,2)

    {Form Reference Column} = Highlight the Request Reference Column and the Change # Column.

    This will all the index to get both columns, find the Form reference number in the first column and return the change # from the second column.

    Does this make sense?