Need help on Countif with OR & AND in report filter

I have following screenshot's report, but I couldn't figure out in formula using Countif formula,

I tried with below formula:

=COUNTIFS({ProjectSurveyContact1}, OR(HAS(@cell, "")), {ProjectSurveyContact2}, OR(HAS(@cell, "")), {ProjectSurveyContact3}, OR(HAS(@cell, "")), {ProjectStatus}, OR(@cell = "Closed", @cell = "Cancelled"), {ProjectManager}, <>"", {DeliveryClassification}, ="Project", {SalesCloseDate}, <TODAY(-30))

But above formula throwing '0' instead of numbers

2nd formula also tried here is:

=COUNTIFS({ProjectSurveyContact1}, ="", {ProjectSurveyContact2}, ="", {ProjectSurveyContact3}, ="", {SalesCloseDate}, <TODAY(-30), {ProjectStatus}, OR(@cell = "Closed", @cell = "Cancelled"), {ProjectManager}, <>"", {DeliveryClassification}, CONTAINS("Project", @cell))

But it throwing some uneven numbers, which are not realistic,

Here How to eliminate the duplicate values is my question

Please help me, Thanks in Advance


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