Automatically reference cell above, roughly 5 cells above will have a = from another cell.

Hi There,

I was wondering if there was a way reference the cell above automatically, then on every x amount of rows have that automatically reference the cell to its right.

We’re trying to do this so that we can create an autodate column essentially so when a new row is inserted it will place the date there from the locked row that might be 4 or 5 rows above.

I know this isn’t the conventional way of using dates and sheets, but we’ve built a pretty cool solution to fit our specific needs, besides this one bump.

Here's an example of what Im referring to;

Whenever someone inserts a new white row into a "day", it will automatically pull the date (text) from the white row above it. the black/grey day rows will automatically pull the date (text) from the cell in Field Notes, on that row.

Thanks heaps!


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