Help with translating text values into numeric values for graphs


I'm trying to create three (3) graphs with data we're keeping in a Sheet to go onto a Dashboard. There are 3 Teams that will each be one of the graphs, and then the data comes from a dropdown column and each option will be a bar on the graph. I'm having a hard time separating the data first by team and then second by drop down option. These are the two functions I thought would work and have been trying but are all unparsable. What am I missing? For context, Alpha and Bravo are team names. The Parking Lot is one of the Project Statuses. Thank you for your help!

=COUNTM({Active Projects_Master Range 1}) - COUNTIF([{Team}]@row, HAS (@cell, "Alpha"))

=COUNT(COLLECT({Team} "Bravo", {Project Status}, "Parking Lot", Bravo$1, $Label@row))


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