How to get COUNTIFS to include selection within a "Dropdown List" of multiple values per cell.

Hi Smartsheet Support Community!

I monitor the marketing and communications request for support log for our organization. We currently use one column to inform our team if a request needs writing, graphic design, or both.

Whenever I use my COUNTIFS formula for graphic design, it isn't including the rows that have both selected, it is only including the options when graphic design is solely selected.

How do I get my formula to count anytime one of the options is selected?

Here's my formula:

=COUNTIFS([2. Service center support type]:[2. Service center support type], "Graphic design or photo/video support (digital & print, photo selection & editing, video editing)", [Submission date]:[Submission date], >=DATE(2024, 1, 1), [Submission date]:[Submission date], <=DATE(2024, 12, 31))

We currently have a total of 33 Graphic design requests for the year, but the formula is only counting 27 because the other six have Writing included in it. How do I get it to count to include both?


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