Is there a way to build and cycle through dashboards for a number of similar projects?



I'm new to Smartsheet so maybe there's a simple way to do this, but I don't know how.

We have about 50 projects that we need dashboards for. They will all be very similar, each containing some basic info about the project, team members, a few tasks, dates, and milestones. One project may have a few more tasks (and sub-tasks) associated with it, but for the most part they will have a very similar layout. Not super complicated sheets. There will also be a main dashboard with higher level data that is aggregated from each of the 50 projects.

Basically my management wants an overall dashboard for all of the projects combined at a high level, and then also a way to drill down into project-specific dashboards that have some additional detail, charts, etc., for the specific project.

So, is there a way that I can either:

1) Build a dashboard with a button that can select any of the 50 projects and then refresh the dashboard with that project's info (or a button that can just cycle through the projects at each button click), or

2) An easy way to build a dashboard for each project, and then have a table of contents or some other link, etc on a main dash board that will launch any of the 50 individual project dashboards as needed.

Any help is appreciated, as I'm totally new to this!



  • axwestlake

    If you have a list of the 50 projects in a board, you can add a column to that board that includes a link to the project-specific dashboard. You can then have a report that shows the project name and link columns and use that as a table of contents. If you have a way of grouping projects together in the board, your report could group by that column which would make the list of 50 projects easier to navigate. Or, at the very least, sort the projects by name so people can easily find the right project.

    As you add new projects to the board, just make sure to include the link to the associated project-specific dashboard in the link column. The report will automatically update (assuming no filters) so the list on the dashboard will be dynamic.

    Longer term, you might want to look at Control Center which would help automate some of this stuff further.

  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi @TJS

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    A solution that would be perfect for this use-case is the premium add-on, Control Center. Is that an option?

    More info: 

    I hope that helps!

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  • ahmadraza

    Option 1: Build a Single Dashboard with Project Selection Button

    1. Create Individual Project Sheets:
      • Create a separate sheet for each project with the necessary details, tasks, team members, etc.
    2. Create a Main Dashboard Sheet:
      • Create a main dashboard sheet where you'll aggregate high-level data from all projects.
      • Add a column for each project and use formulas to reference relevant data from individual project sheets.
    3. Build the Dashboard:
      • Create a dashboard in Smartsheet.
      • Add widgets and charts based on the aggregated data from the main dashboard sheet.
    4. Add a Project Selection Button:
      • Add a control widget (button) to your dashboard.
      • Use the button to trigger a workflow or automation that updates the main dashboard based on the selected project.

    Option 2: Create Individual Dashboards with a Main Table of Contents

    1. Create Individual Project Dashboards:
      • Create a separate dashboard for each project, including the specific details, charts, and tasks for that project.
    2. Create a Main Table of Contents Dashboard:
      • Build another dashboard that will act as a table of contents.
      • Add links or buttons on this dashboard for each project.
    3. Link to Individual Project Dashboards:
      • For each link or button on the main dashboard, use the hyperlink option to link it to the corresponding individual project dashboard.
    4. Navigation:
      • Users can navigate between the main dashboard and individual project dashboards by clicking on the provided links.

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  • TJS

    Thanks for the help. The control center add-on won't be an option for me due to it costing an extra fee per month. @ahmadraza, I think your option #1 explanation requires the control center add-on as well? I don't see any control widgets available for my dashboard.