Chart/Graph - # of inspections by month and segmented by board district

This visualization should categorize the number of inspections conducted, broken down by month and further segmented by board district.

Specifics in the chart/graph?

  • Time frame: Starting [start month and year] to [end month and year].
  • Data points: Total number of inspections conducted each month, categorized by each board district.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin


    Charts display what's been set up in the source data, meaning you'll need either a Sheet or Report with the numbers you're looking to display in order to format it as a chart.

    For example, you could set up a sheet with a Date column listing each Month/Year down the rows. Then have one column per Board District. Then you can use a formula to SUM or COUNT or create a sort of calculation based on each value (month & district).

    Once you have the numbers set up in a sheet, you can create a chart!

    The reason I'd do it this way is because you could potentially create a Report off of the sheet using the Date column if you only wanted to show rows from the last 2 months (60 days) and have it automatically update. Or you could filter by if the cells are blank, so you don't show all months (but only months with data).

    If you need help with the formulas, it would be useful to see an example of your source sheet (either with test data or blocking out sensitive data on your real sheet) with an explanation of what you want counted/charted.



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