I am trying to add a hyperlink to an address in a cell that can take me to a pin in a Google map.

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How do I add the cell value that contains the address in the hyperlink so that, when clicked, it will take me to that address in the Google map vs. just an opening page which shows my current location? I have hundreds of cells with different addresses which I would like to add hyperlinks to so adding each address with it's own link is not an option.


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    Hi @veydelman

    Smartsheet will not auto convert an address to a link in Google Maps.

    You can type the address in Google Maps and copy the URL from the address bar of your browser from the result page. In Smartsheet, you can right click on the cell and click on "Hyperlink". You can then paste the copied Google Maps coordinates in the URL section and in the display text, you can add the address as below.



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