Getting the Group ID for adding a user to a group in Group Management through API


I am wanting to add an email to a group using the API 2.0 but do not know how to get the group number. I thought it would be the number in the URL when viewing the groups, as in: (yes, there are only 7 numbers)

I am using the following example from API documentation:

new_members = smartsheet_client.Groups.add_members(
  7917992160847748,       # group_id
  [smartsheet.models.GroupMember({'email': ''})]

Here the group ID is a long number. When I use my 7 digit number (plus the rest of the needed code) I get the following error.

{"response": {"statusCode": 404, "reason": "Not Found", "content": {"errorCode": 1106, "message": "Group not found", "refId": "xnt296"}}}

So the code seems to be working, its just saying I have the wrong group ID number. I have written other python code to access Smartsheet so I know I have the basics working.

How do I get the correct group ID number?