Formula to add 30 days to "Date notified" AND countdown the days until that Date notified + 30 days

edited 03/06/24 in Formulas and Functions

I was able to set a formula to add 30 days to Date notified:

=[Date notified]@row + 30

Then set another formula to count down the days from the Date notified + 30 days:

=IF([Date notified + 30 days]@row < TODAY(), "", NETDAYS(TODAY(), [Date notified + 30 days]@row))

The 2nd formula I have also results in a blank result once the Date notified + 30 days has passed.

How can I combine the formulas to 1 formula so that I could get rid of the "Date notified + 30 days" column and only have the countdown of 30 days from the Date notified?

In another formula, how can I change the countdown formula to include negative days if we are past the countdown but the date hasn't been closed yet? But also for it to give a blank result once it's closed?

Below is an example with random dates:


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