Multiselect column for each row return all associated matches from another sheet.

I have a convoluted problem, index match only works for single input, and I have a multiple select column for business unit with up to 6 options resulting in up to 6 individuals needing to populate the contact column from sheet 2 in the project tracker and unlike excel I cannot use wild cards.

Sheet 1

Project Tracker sheet = Product category column that is a multiple selection drop down (what I traditionally use in the Match / Has component) options e.g. could contain Knees, Hips, Trauma,

Sheet 2: SME look up sheet

SME1Ref 1: Product category column = The individual business units that I wish to match against the contents of the project tracker e.g. Knees, Trauma

SME Ref 2: SME column (Business unit SME) e.g. Jeff for Knees, Marisa for Trauma.

Index match works fine on individual level, how to I adapt for multiple drop-down inputs - multiple contact outputs in a singular cell.

I have tried Join(collect coupled with HAS but no luck and not even sure what I want to do is possible.

Thanks for any assistance whether confirmation not possible or possible solutions ...


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